Size Matters

We list the exact dimensions of every product we sell. Be sure to check out the measurements before placing an order so you know exactly what you’ll be receiving. Succulent planters can vary from 2 to 12″ in diameter. While we can produce pots up to 20″ wide, most succulents planters are 2″ to 5″ in diameter and/or less than 10″ long.

Contact us if you’re looking for a specific size planter that we don’t offer. 3D print technology is great but the time required to manufacture larger planters is exponential. While it might take 4 hours to make a 3″ pot, it could very well take 4 additional hours to make it one inch larger. As a rule we don’t offer huge planters simply because they tie up our printers and prevent us from making products for other orders.

All of our products are measured with a digital caliper accurate to within 0.01mm. If you receive an item that isn’t the size mentioned in the listing, please contact us. We go to painstaking lengths to ensure that our products are at least as large as the dimensions stated in the listing.

All of our succulent planters are made to order. Each item is produced after we receive the order. While our normal turnaround time is 1-3 business days, larger items do require more time to manufacture. Most items can be manufactured and shipped the same day but many an additional day to make.

Finally, a word about standardized sizes. There are no industry guidelines to determine whether an item is Small, Medium, or Large. We’ve noticed several Etsy and eBay sellers offering planters in tiny little or insanely large sizes that we don’t offer. Our Small is not the same as another company’s Small. Our Medium may be larger than another company’s Large. That’s why it’s important to read the dimensions so you know exactly what you’re getting.